Sunday, January 28, 2007


Join us for our chat this evening! We will be discussing social issues in Jamaica regarding alternative lifestyles. We hope to here from people inside Jamaica and from those who have vacationed there. The chat begins at 6PM Central time. There are some coordinating local times posted in the chat box. To calculate the appropriate time for your area, just go to and get the current time for Houston, Texas. That is a Central time zone.

Once we begin, you can keep track of how many people are chatting by refreshing your browser.

1 comment:

malik said...

sorry i missed the chat. i hope it included some discussion of the life-and-death challenges being faced by our brothers and sisters in jamaica. i know jamaica is a physical paradise, and i would love to visit someday, but i struggle with not wanting to lend economic support to a country that institutionally sanctions threats to my very existence.

more power to you; keep up the good work!