Wednesday, January 03, 2007


If you take a flight into the Puerto Plata international airport or take the highway to this North Coast area, you will be just minutes from Cabarete and its suburb of Jardin Deportivo. It has beautiful coastline and beaches; quaint areas for dining and shopping; as well as some of the best water sports in the country.

Fontleroy Hotels offers a resort area in Jardin Deportivo for gay travelers. It includes two hotels, one of which is all-inclusive, and a nightclub that attracts the local hotboys as well. The resort is about a five minute walk from the gay beach. You may want to include them in your next trip to the Dominican Republic.


Anonymous said...

what the average rate for the hotel and the inclusive
as well as restaurants
and the boys whatbare the average rate for the boys if you happend to know?
just asking

T-D Moderator said...

The rates are modest. Click on the post link to find out more about the hotels. I do not know the average rates for "the boys" in the area. I would imagine that the rate is comparable to that in Santo Domingo. Only because of the presence of tourists.

Anonymous said...

A bit expensiv. but very quiet. Peaceful environment. However a bit far from Cabarete village. you'll need a car or a bike (AYOR at night).
Bar busy on saturday only with amateur boys shows.