Thursday, January 05, 2006


Just wanted everyone to know that Spirit Air is offering specials again from many U.S. cities. The specials are good for round-trip flights to Santo Domingo or to Punta Cuna. Examples are from Dallas-Ft.Worth $198, and there are many more. This is the best deal to hit the industry in quite awhile. You MUST purchase your ticket no later than midnight January 9th, with travel good until April 30th.

So, if you've been thinking about going for the first time or planning a return trip, this is the time to go!! There are a couple of exciting events coming up to make your trip even better!! The country celebrates Carnival in February, which often culminates around their Independence Day on February 27th. Excursions to LaVega are recommended for a HUGE carnival experience.

Don't forget Dominican Island Heat 2. The second installment of this new curcuit event promises to be even better than the first and thrill seekers from all over are expected to fill hotels, so make reservations now.

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