Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Now that you've booked your flights and are ready to embark on your aventura en Republica Dominicana, let's take a look at the exciting carnival celebration.

The government decides when carnival will culminate every year. This year it will end AFTER their Independence Day. The finale will be held the first weekend in March.

Tourism officials seem to have been a bit slow in realizing what a jewel there is in carnival. While the activities in Santo Domingo are said to range from "blah" to "it's okay", there is far more excitement when talking about the activities in LaVega.

Locals and tourists alike trek to this quaint little town in throngs for carnival. One of the reasons, no doubt, is because this is the residence of one of the most noted Dominican artists, Senor Rafeal Hernandez. He employs several apprentices who hand-make the masks that are a staple of Dominican carnival. There is a gallery in LaVega to purchase or to simply peruse.

Here are a few pics depicting the transformation of "Green Acres" into the mayhem that is Carnival en LaVega!!!

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