Monday, May 26, 2014

Chicago Favors DR

The leading Chicago newspaper has picked up the Smarter Travel list that includes the Dominican Republic as one of 10 places to "get'em while they're cheap.” 
Smarter Travel's 10 places to go list is: Riga, Latvia; Greece; Bucharest, Romania; Portugal; Sofia, Bulgaria; Mexico City; India; Philippines; Nicaragua; and the Dominican Republic. 
Smarter Travel comments on the DR: 
"Can you afford azure waters and silky white-sand beaches? In the Dominican Republic, you can. While the Caribbean isn't known for its affordability (we recently wrote an entire story on the region's most expensive islands), the Dominican Republic remains—at least for now—a bastion of value in a sea of high prices. With service from low-cost carriers including AirTran, Frontier, and JetBlue, and air-and-hotel vacation packages from not only a slew of airlines but also discount providers like, the Dominican Republic seems to have an endless supply of affordable options.”,0,1093141.photogallery

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