Monday, June 11, 2012

US Embassy Travel Alert

Travelers arriving at Las Americas International Airport and report they are carrying significant amounts of cash should take extra precautions. The United States Embassy in Santo Domingo has notified US citizens visiting the Dominican Republic that there has been an increase in armed robberies targeting US citizens arriving at Las Americas International Airport near Santo Domingo during the evening hours. "US citizens arriving at the Las Americas International Airport should take necessary precautions, or consider scheduling arrival times during the daylight hours," warns the Embassy.

The Embassy warns that criminals impersonating police agents are stopping travelers along various highways after they leave the airport. Some of these incidents have been violent as the assailants used gunfire to pull over vehicles that failed to respond to the flashing lights. The gunmen have been known to force the occupants out of their vehicles and rob them of valuables. In some incidents, travelers staying in private homes instead of hotels are followed and attacked and robbed on arrival.

The Embassy reports that no US citizens have been killed during these robberies, but there are reports of injuries. The incidents have occurred at night in both private vehicles and public taxis.

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