Sunday, January 02, 2011

Come And Gone!

Happy New Year to all the readers and supporters of Tropical Desires. I hope 2011 brings many wonderful experiences.

As I thought about how quickly the previous year has come and gone I began to remember some of the news items that I feel impacted the caribbean, latin America, travelers and blog readers. We began the year with DEVASTATING news from Haiti. We were informed about the RISE OF DENGUE in the Dominican Republic and how to avoid it when traveling. We also felt SORROW that an aquaintance had been murdered in Jamaica and that gang uprisings were threatening tourism there.

There were also several joyous reports throughout the caribbean and latin America with legalization of civil unions and gay marriage in various countries.

I am personally suffering from withdrawal. It is hard to fathom that I did not visit the Dominican Republic this year. That's a first since 1999. I pray the family health issues I have been dealing with get better this year and I will be able to return to my beloved Santo Domingo.

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