Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby Doc Returns!!!

Listin Diaro interviewd a former Dominican minister of foreign relations. Victor Gomez Berges speculated "all indicates that he was brought there by the US, by the US government, seeking to establish a strong regime, capable of putting order in the neighboring republic." He went on to say "Duvalier is more inclined towards the US, more pro-US than Aristide, and the Americans are trying to find a way to organize Haiti with a strong government," he speculated. He said the DR would benefit from a government that could control the situation in Haiti.
Meanwhile, the return of Baby Doc has boosted international coverage on Haiti, with dozens of journalists expected to arrive to cover his return and possible reasons.
Duvalier fled into excile in 1986 to France. President Rene Preval, a former anti-Duvalier activist made no public statement on Duvalier's re-emergence, though he told reporters in 2007 that Duvalier would face justice for the deaths of thousands of people and the theft of millions of dollars if he returned.
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Anonymous said...

As someone on DR1 said, "Good Grief!" As for the Dominican ex-minister's comments, how can anybody in his/her right mind think Obama or Clinton would work to re-establish a murderous dictator into that tragic sitution? The so-called cheering crowds - at least those shown on CNN, were almost all young people, probab;y not even alive when Baby Doc was ousted. Does anybody think he can provide "strong" leadership without re-installing the Ton Ton Macoute or some similar type of corrupt police authority? He came back because he's hoping he can get his hands on all that aid money. It costs a lot to live in a villa in southern France. Latest word is that charges have been filed and a Haitian judge has thirty days to decide whether and how to proceed.