Sunday, April 05, 2009

US-Cuba Relations

New York Times reports this story which was also seen on

President Obama plans to abandon longstanding restrictions on family travel and remittances to Cuba, an administration official said Saturday, fulfilling a campaign promise in a pivotal swing state and signaling a possible warming of relations with the Castro government.

The White House is expected to announce the action before Mr. Obama travels to Trinidad and Tobago for a meeting on April 17 of Latin American and Caribbean leaders.
The House and Senate are considering legislation that would go even further than the administration and allow all Americans unlimited travel to Cuba.

While precise details of the plan are still being worked out, Mr. Obama is not expected to call for the lifting of the trade embargo on Cuba, which would require Congressional approval, the administration official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the policy change has not been formally announced.

Cuban-Americans are now permitted to travel once a year to the island to visit close relatives. The Treasury Department also issues licenses to travel to Cuba for specific purposes, including academic research.

“I will immediately allow unlimited family travel and remittances to the island,” Mr. Obama said in Miami on May 23. “It’s time to let Cuban-Americans see their mothers and fathers, their sisters and brothers. It’s time to let Cuban-American money make their families less dependent upon the Castro regime.”

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Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...

Well this is a start. I wish my grandfather had lived long enough to see this happen. Personally, I'd love to see granddaddy's homeland though.