Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The Dominican Republic continues to make its mark in the global arena. As the country finds ways to reinvent itself and become a 21st century nation. Here are two articles of interest.

A Dominican has discovered Cleopatras tomb. The archeological find by Kathleen Martinez is sending ripples through history circles around the world, as her discovery could have a major impact on the way that history views Cleopatra and Marc Anthony. In an interview with CNN correspondent Ben Wedeman, Martinez spoke of her fascination with the Egyptian queen, saying that as a child she had heard scholarly discussions about Cleopatra. "They were speaking very badly about her and about her image," she recalled. "I got very upset. I said I didn't believe what they are saying, that I needed to study more about her." Martinez added that because of the negative publicity Cleopatra has received over the centuries she wants to be "Cleopatra's lawyer." Full article HERE.

The 2009 Santo Domingo Book Fair, which opened yesterday, is dedicated to Dominican writer and politician Juan Bosch and features Brazil as the special guest nation. The Fair will continue until 3 May. A special display celebrating 35 years of the Bahia carnival will include costumes from all the samba schools, produced by Brazilian artist Alberto Pitta. The celebration of Brazil as special guest nation comes at a time when DR-Brazilian relations have increased during Leonel Fernandez's tenure as president of the DR and is marked by the recent opening of the Brazilian cultural center, at Calle Hermanos Deligne 52 in Santo Domingo's Gazcue sector. The fair, now in its 12th year, includes 2,300 planned activities with 152 lectures, 175 workshops, 41 debates, 89 readings and 7 panel discussions. There are also expected to be 650 exhibitions and 1,125 artistic performances.

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