Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vacation Planning 101

Be sure to visit the Travel Info Page for helpful tips when planning your vacation to the Dominican Republic. Click on the ads for great deals!


Anonymous said...

The Blog used to be good with great articles and photos of Tropical Men. This Ad for Vacation Planing 101 has now been posted 3 times in the last month. Is there anything else other than this?

T-D Moderator said...

If you would look a bit closer you will notice that the Vacation Planning post appears on Sundays, which has typically been a day when nothing much is posted.

There continues to be articles and photos posted on other days.

I get my share of inquiries regarding playing, eating and sleeping in Santo Domingo. This particular post will repeat to remind readers that there is an entire page that helps answer many of those questions. It will also direct new readers to that page.

Thanks for your comment and your support of the blog. I hope you continue to enjoy its content.

Nubian Dreams Blog said...

Nice post Mr. W. Hopefully some of your readers will join us on the next Nubian Dreams Cruise (www.

You have been so great to us during the first NDC event. Thanks