Friday, November 07, 2008


Iran and I were in the park having lunch while deciding what to do for our second anniversary. Just as we were about to return to the office a gentlemen approached and handed Iran his card. He was a talent scout for a popular gay magazine here in Brazil. He had originally seen us together last year, but was unable to approach us at the time.

After making a telephone call he offered to fly Iran and I to Rio for a week to do a photoshoot. There was no need to think it over because the dates would coincide with our anniversary. How awesome that is! I looked at Iran to see if he had any doubts, since he was to be the "new discovery." He was cool and confident and gave me an I can't wait look. (He seems to have exhibitionist tendencies anyway.)

We had a great time in Rio and everyone at the studio said this is sure to be one of the hottest issues.


Curio said...

Your man is beautiful. Congrats to you both.

Anonymous said...

If you can cop it, get the DVDs of the season of Big Brother Brazil when he was a contestant. He was the only reason to watch.

Langston Baldwin said...

I DO NOT know what to do with myslef after that video.
He is visually beautifull and natural.

How did you meet him your lover?

Langston Baldwin said...

My bad. I read the links. Beautiful story.

Uruguayanbear said...

that's a lie iran gomez is heterosexual don't lie and don't sell shit