Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What do YOU think?

The Dominican presence is quite strong in the US. Here are a couple of stories I find interesting. What do YOU think?

The Dominican government is reportedly trying to purchase the Washington Heights section of New York City. Reports from anonymous sources explain that what was once a ridiculous proposition has now gained traction among city legislators and cultural groups. The purchase price could be around the US$1.2 billion range and would be paid out during a 20-year period. Dominican officials who support the project say that the purchase would then officially make WH the DR's second city and move Santiago to third place. Santiago residents have voiced staunch opposition to the purchase, saying that they would like to maintain their status as the DR's second city. Immigration officials have also voiced concerns about making WH a Dominican city, not knowing how they would control the flow of immigrants between 155th and Inwood.

Major League Baseball has decided to honor the participation of Dominicans in MLB by changing the name of one of the league's teams. Although no word on which team will have its name officially changed or when the change will come, MLB director of Press and Communications Dick "Bugsy" Malloy said that three teams are in the lottery to have their names changed. Among the possibilities are the Kansas City Dominicans, the Tampa Bay Dominicans or the Cincinnati Dominicans. Although there has been opposition to the proposed name changes, especially from baseball diehards, MLB Publicity director Johns Innabundle said it would allow for MLB to extend its base further into Latin America and recognize the tremendous work of Dominicans in baseball. Rollin Daround, VP of the Baseball Preservation Authority, argued that it was not necessary to rename an existing organization and welcomed a Dominican named organization, but only when a new team was created or when a team was relocated.


Anonymous said...

And a Happy April Fools Day to you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it is a glorious and yet obsurd idea..How can you purchase Washington Heights? I lived there a few years ago, and although it is highly populated by Dominicans, there was a movement to bring in more Whites to the 'hood'. They even started to call it Hudson Heights. So this must be a very clever April Fool's gag!