Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Paying For Luggage

Flying to the DR anytime soon? When packing for your trip, only take the essentials. El Caribe, quoting an article in the New York Times, writes that five of the six major airline carriers will begin charging passengers US$25 extra for a second suitcase as of 1 May. El Caribe says that this extra charge is a way for the airlines to make up for skyrocketing fuel costs and a way to increase profits.

US Airways and United began the practice in February and Continental, Delta and Northwestern have all followed suit. El Caribe also reports that the airlines will charge US$50 for a third item, and could charge more for a fourth checked bag. A source at Delta Airlines told El Caribe that the policy would not be applied in the Dominican Republic right away. It is well known that local travelers take rum, local fudge, salami and some other foods to the United States and return with their suitcases full of clothes, shoes and other items that are usually much more expensive in local stores. American Airlines, the DR's leading carrier, has yet to announce if it will follow the trend. See

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