Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Capitol City More Tolerant?

Santo Domingo.- The Parque Duarte in the city of Santo Domingo is becoming the preferred place for homosexuals, lesbians, transgender people and male prostitutes from across the country, said newspaper EDGE in a report today.

It notes that Santo Domingo is Dominican Republic’s least homophobic city, which prompts a large number of homosexuals to gather in the Colonial Zone to meet with friends, drink and even “cruise.”

Quoted by the Boston-based EDGE, David Báez and his boyfriend said Dominican society is accepting this movement and homosexuals and lesbians feel freer. "People may see you, but they won't judge you. You can do what you want."
They said there are many older Dominican gays still hidden in “the closet” because of homophobia or conservative attitudes towards homosexuality from their own families, though noting that these attitudes continue to change.

Complete article here, in which Anthony Montgomery, a promiment voice for the gay scene in Santo Domingo, offers his view.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, right! This is until some law-abiding citizen complains of all the homos and hustlers hanging out there and the local magistrate decides that too much is too much.
One night, the police will pick them all up and that will be the end of that!

Anonymous said...

On a positive note.... I was just there last week, and when JD's let out I went to the park, and a guy that I had spoken with at JD's saw me said 'hola' and offered me a drink... I was like a drink? He proceeded to pop his trunk and there it was a BAR! I am happy that these chidren have an outlet but...there were no buggerones to be seen, so off I went in search of one.

Anonymous said...

I was recently there and I had a terrific time. The men are beautiful, friendly, really friendly, and oh so sexual.