Friday, September 28, 2007


I was called in as a special agent with the United Nations to assess the damage done by Hurricane Dean on this remote island nation. Its inhabitants were few in number, but its natural resources were coveted by the worlds mega-powers.

At the airport I was briefed on the condition of the country, but that did nothing to fully describe the surreal scene unfolding as I toured the area. The island appeared to be in shades of grey due to the lack of green canopy. The inhabitants had been cutting much of the wood for housing and burning the remnants for fire to cook with. The winds and waves of Hurricane Dean had tossed the debris into further disarray.

As I stood there wondering what could possibly be salvaged from this catastrophy, I initially thought about the gemstones and crude deep beneath the surface. But then one of the islands inhabitants stepped into view.


Anonymous said...

Go On...Go ON!!!!

Pure Cacao Joy said...

I hope you had an equally fantastic release

Anonymous said...

...and instantly, made it all better. lol

RoughNeck said...

nice rear view