Thursday, July 12, 2007


Edward, the owner of Casa Blanca, has provided me with the following information. It will be useful if you plan to stay at the guesthouse. The airport is in Panama City.

Mello meets the guest at the airport, takes them by bus $.50 to the hotel in Panama City (nice hotel for $18.00) He can stay with the guest if they like (they always do). The next day he shows them around Panama City with some of his friends (taxi anywhere in panama city is $2.00 and you can get a great meal for about $5 to $10). On your 3rd day he takes the guest by Taxi ($70.00) or by bus, which is fun, for $5.00 out to casa blanca (food for the day about $10.00, beer is $.50) The charge for Mellos tour services is $20 per day plus food and drink.

Fun with the guys is no problem and they will hang out with you all day. There are some gay bars, but most of the guests do not have time to go there. They like to go to the bar with Mello and friends. The guys know all the good places to hang out. At Casa Blanca they play cards, drink in the little bar, play pool, go to the lsland at night and swim, or visit the other villages. Lots of guys to look at (the ladies do not go to the bars as a rule). Most guests fall in love with the place and with the guys.

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