Thursday, May 03, 2007


Bringing up the rear (uh, no pun intended) for our look into Memorial Day events is the very first Salute And Holla. It will be held in the historic city of Santo Domingo, located on "Temptation Island" in the country of the Dominican Republic.

By now, readers know how fond I am of the country and its inhabitants. So, to give an unbiased report I'll simply stick to the information provided by Mario Sessions on his site.

Santo Domingo has a vivid nightlife, from cruise bars to discos that rival any you will find in New York or London. The only difference is that the clubs are packed with gorgeous Dominican men, kissed by the tropical sun. They are some of the friendliest and uninhibited men in all the caribbean. If you combine this with a famous cuba libre or Presidente beer you'll have an experience that can only be described as caliente!

(Okay, so I added my own flavor to the narrative. Couldn't resist)

Salute And Holla will offer a variety of events, including parties and a day-trip to the Boca Chica Beach.

Note: Passports are required due to new 9/11 security regulations and the peso is the national currency. To learn more about travel to SD, check out Tropical Desires Travel Info page and also peruse the archives.

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