Thursday, February 01, 2007


I recently did a post about the sex trade in Boca Chica and the term "Sanky Panky." There is now a movie debuting in the Dominican Republic by the same name. reports the following: The long-awaited comedy "Sanky Panky" premieres in Dominican theaters tonight. The movie stars Fausto Mata (Boca de Piano), Tony Pascual (Pachuli) and Cassandra Award winner Aquiles Correa in a comedy based around the male sex workers known as Sankie Pankies in the DR. Jose Enrique Pintor is the executive producer of this RD$10 million movie.


Anonymous said...

I have traveled to the DR for several years and several times each year. I have never heard the term Sanky Panky and believe me when I say I have paid for my share of "love"

T-D Moderator said...

That term is usually used among the hetero crowd. Of course, gays are more familiar with the term "buggarones" or "Buggie."