Friday, February 23, 2007


This sexy young man is Godoba. He's from South Africa.


Anonymous said...

Hello One I love your blog, but do only dark skinned men make up your blog. I am very light skinned and have had my share of discrimination from both sides of the fence.Once applyed for a job and was told by my friend who refered me not to say I was Black! That was in 1989.I was hired and when my boss asked me ... what I was and I said AFrican American , well needless to say things changed. But if this month is just refecting your personal taste cool. We just make up such A wide palette. Thanks and keep up the great work

Manchild1 said...

Nice regular dude...thank you for
your pics

T-D Moderator said...

Very valid point "anonymous". If you were to review previous posts and archives you would see that my blog features men of various shades and complexions.

As for the men in the BHM posts; I have used what was made available to me. I personally celebrate African and African descendants of many hues, but am limited to what was available when I thought of this series.

I went to college with many Africans. I was both surprised and pleased with the various ethnicities and looks.

While it is unfortunate that you had that experience in 1989, it shows that discrimination based on color/race is still something we need to address in world societies. And for me, it tends to hurt more when the practice is perpetuated from within our own communities.

Anonymous said...

love that pic! See if u can get him to Miami on the next flight out as I need some company tonight!!! :)~