Saturday, October 07, 2006


Haiti has long struggled with various ills that have crippled the nation and been a threat to the survival of its people. Because of lack of resources the practice of gathering timber has created a severe deforestation problem which not only effects Haitians, but ultimately the ecology and air-quality of the hemisphere.

Now, thanks to various factions, there is hope for Haiti and for us all. There is an active movement to restore the landscape which involves all generations, teaching them to honor the land and take care of it for the survival of all Haiti. It's my hope that this new spirit will inbed itself socially and politically as well.

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Simbul said...

I hope for Haiti also. I have 2 great Haitin-American friends in Florida who are on the tip-toes to take me there when the situation stabilizes enough for safe tourism. They have somehow managed to keep in contact with family and friends there and it does have an underground gay community. I have also met some great Haitians in Santo Domingo and some of you may even know them. I hope for them and their country (the first western Black independent nation).