Monday, April 17, 2006


I have a friend who reads the blog regularly and who liked the idea of me sharing my experience with the bad boogie so much that he shared an idea with me.

He said that he has had a few negative encounters with boogies and said that he would email pictures and a short synopsis of the bad encounters. He suggested that I should have something on the blog where people could see and read about those buggies that are trouble, or just worthless.

The idea intrigued me enough to consider it. It is not without merit. Of course, there would only be one side of the story represented. And I know that there are tourists out there who seem to bring trouble upon themselves. However, I also know that there are boogies that you need to be fore-warned about, and those who are so tired that they need REtire. LOL

If you have had serious issues with any boogie, feel free to email their pic and let me know what happened. I think we can give these busters a dose of their own medicine. (They usually know more about us as soon as we claim our luggage at the airport.) Let's help each other out here! Of course, that's not to say that one shouldn't exercise caution just because you've never seen your hottie on the "Network".

By the way, if you want to share, you will remain anonymous.


Simbul said...

Wow. I didn't have any bad experiences with any of the bois I met. Usually I prefer them shorter than me, but many of the buggarones don't wann give up the cookies. I did meet one (who wouldn't give them up), but was an outstanding guide. This cat stayed with us for 3 days and took us all over the city from the poor to rich neighborhood, a local open market, and the bus to Puerto Plata. 3 days of showing us 2 cities, introducing us to his "friends" in PP, and a lil house party for only 4,000 pesos. I thought that was a bargain. You think?

T-D Moderator said...

Well Simbul, you are a rarity. I have been going to SD for many years and had been without any such experiences. However, it seems the more often you visit,the greater chance for an unfortunate incident.

That's why we advice everyone to stay alert. Even what seems like the nicest of buggies/guides/hosts can throw a curve ball or put a spin on things.

It IS great when you encounter someone who is genuinely nice and helpful. I have had my share of those also, much more so than the other.

Now,about this bus ride to Puerta Plata. Please share!

By the way, not giving up the cookies is another game they play. They like to pretend that all tourists come for the Dominican pinga. However, certain tourists (not so tan) have told me they never have a problem with getting what they want. Now, I don't want to stir in s@*#, but you have to wonder what that's all about.

Is it the old belief that "blanco esta correcto?" Just so that you know, I have friends that get the cookies all the time, even from the so-called "macho" buggies. The art of the deal is very important. Remember, this is a business for them. And as my friend Jorge said in his comments on a previous entry, you just need to tell them that if things don't go as agreed upon then they don't get paid!

And this is just a personal observation. I like to inspect my merchandise. Now, if you say you don't give up the cookies then why is your culo winking at me?

Simbul said...

Perhaps the "white is right" comment is correct. Hmmm...have to give that more thought, because I saw some shorties with buns that needed to be glazed.

As far as our Puerto Plata trip, my best friend (mexican-american) and I wanted to see more than Santo Domingo. So our guide told us to take a local bus that goes between both cities for only 200 pesos. He also said he knew people there, would show us around, and a cheap place to stay for a night. So we hopped on the bus, got there, and he was true to his word. We found this local "hostel" which is really a house with few bedrooms (I think a friend of his), yet it was cool. That night a few guys showed up (guess they passed the word), and we drinked and partied. The next day we hit the beach, local beach market, and caught a late bus back to SD. Our guide never stole from us, lied, or layed it on too thick. Now don't get me wrong I have met some that try to run the game, but this man was actually clean about his business.

When we got back to SD, I asked him how much would for all the work he put out and he only said 4,000 pesos. I personally thought that was a bargain and so did my friend. We saw him our last night in SD and hung out, then saw him again in Feb 2006. I wanted to hook up again, but as you know.... some English queen had snatched him up for the night and we just winked at each other.


Anonymous said...

As someone who travels often to DR,I've NEVER had a serious problem with the "boyz".... There were times that you get a boy home and he does not deliver as promised,well then you tell them you get no pesos..There was one,a very large and manly one who gave it up for hours in every way imaginable!! Then the next season swore up and down that he never gives it up,then demanded to get paid as though he did!! Well,I paid him to not have a show, but made a mental note to NEVER have him again.And when he smiled up at me that next season.....DUST!! But like Simbul I have a few really nice boyz that I take on trips around the island, and there is no sex involved and they translate and get me good deals,and will find the best boyz as I prefer that day, tall, short, muscular... who do as I desire. This is such an ideal set up because that Santo Domingo scene gets really sleepy, and going just off the beaten path the boyz are lovelier,with less attitude and craftiness and really appreciate the opportunity to make a peso!! Also my advise for tourist is not to let your guard down and just to remember where you are from. Would you let some trade try that at home!!?? MD,NYC