Saturday, April 01, 2006


There's an old addage that says "Get me once, shame on you. Get me twice, shame on me." There's another that says "You can't judge a book by it's cover." Thank goodness I've learned not to go down the same road twice, not to repeat past mistakes.

I consider myself to be a pretty good judge of character also. However, sometimes things aren't always as they seem (especially in the Dominican Republic). And the minute you let your guard down....WHAM!!! Some things you just chalk up to experience...lesson learned. I thought I'd share this with you to prevent you from being the fool, no matter what time of year. LOL

I was sitting in the Sports Bar talking with an acquaintance, an ex-patriate, when in walks this nice-looking Dominican (I know, not unusual in the D.R.). He captured my attention because of his height. It's not often that I see eye-to-eye with someone since I'm a six-footer. I muttered to myself, "Oh my". The acquaintance overheard me and caught my gaze. He said, "Hey, I know him. I haven't seen him in awhile". Well, before I knew anything the guy was standing two inches from my face with his hand on my knee. (I was sitting on a bar stool)

After the introductions were made and some small talk, I decided that I'd like to photograph this guy. When we got to the hotel and he disrobed I was a bit disappointed that the physique wasn't what it had seemed to be. However, I chose to continue. Unfortunately, he was not able to. His organ pipes had no air, so to speak. He said it was the beer, so we decided to try the next evening.

Needless to say, he showed up WELL after the scheduled time. And smelled of liquor! After trying to stall him, offering him water and refresca to see if he would sober up a bit, I concluded that it may be best to just forget about it. Of course, he wasn't happy with that decision. Of course, he had come all the way over to the hotel expecting to get paid for his services. Of course, he had bills to pay and baby needed diapers.

Being the kind-hearted person that I am, I offered him compensation to cover his taxi fare. Of course, he countered my offer with an amount close to what we initially agreed upon. I asked him where was he going, Haiti?! But alas, there is no reasoning with a drunk. So, to be rid of this raton I agreed to the fee he wanted. Not having the appropriate pesos, as the fee had changed from our initial agreement, I had to get it from my friend who was also in the hotel.

After the guy was gone my friend said, "You know that was the counterfeit bill I got from the Casa de Cambio." That's another story, but it plays into this comedy of errors. Of course, the guy makes his way back to the hotel. Exasperated, I attempt to dodge him. After several minutes of my friend telling him that I had stepped out, the hotel owner stepped in. The guy explained that he had been stopped by the policia and that they had asked for money. Well, guess what money he gave them. LOL So, he is now in the lobby sobbing, with the policia outside at the curb. I wind up giving him his fee in US dollars, much to the delight of the policia I'm sure, and send him on his way.

I have not said the guys name because I have stricken it from every tablet and every scroll. His name is not to be said in my presence. So let it be written, so let it be done. LOL
Seriously though, I have been to Santo Domingo many times and this was my first encounter that turned sour. I'm hoping it's my last! It will be if I remember those old addages.


Anonymous said...

Woh! lately I've been hearing more and more horror stories about hookups with buggarones gone terribly wrong. He looks familiar from the pic. Was this recently?

Thugged out adventures said...

Thanks for the candidness and spirit that you always give in your posts. Things have become somewhat loose on "temptation island." Leonell has made some significant changes in his reelection and as things get tighter for locals things seem to also be getting worse for tourists. The nicest guys who have years of clean peaceful records have become sneaky, conniving and in some cases violent. This is true especially in the capital and Santiago because of an ever increasing presence of unsuspecting hard headed sex thirsty groups from the states. Even for regulars like you and I an incresed sense of security and caution is now in order. The Island of Temptation is still among the top destinations on my list.

Anonymous said...

As "thugged out adventures" said, things have gotten worse as the measures to improve the economy get tighter. We as tourist need to remember that these boys have a full-time job AS BUGGIES and they work hard to perfect their trade. These days that trade includes cheating and misleading and deception and in extrems robbery and theft, lies and more lies and more lies. "Oh I saw you on the Conde and you asked me to meet you here tonight, but now you don't want to see me, but I went home and got dressed and cleans up and spent taxi to get here. So I need taxi fare 100 pesos to get home". Well as Mr. Washingtpn said, where do you live in Haiti????? The Buggie network is better than any AFL-CIO union and communications in the Buggie network is better than ATT, Verizon & Sprint put together. So tourist be aware of the "games buggies play" and unless you have 36D cup tits and a real tight pussy, it is all about the money!!!! And to my fellow STUPID, UGLY AMERICAN, "I'M AN AMERICAN, FALL AT MY FEET", KNOW IT ALL TOURIST..... You best clean up your acts as well. Don't think you can come down here and "GET OVER" on these people and stiff them and treat them like dirt under your feet and change your mind at the drop of a hat, AND NOT EXPECT A BAD REACTION!!!! Both sides need to know, respet eachother and everyone can have a good time. Disrespect eachother AND EVERYBODY GOT PROBLEMS!!! OK, I'm off the soap box. Thank you Mr. Washington for this open forum where one can vent and relate.

Anonymous said...

On a recent trip back to sdq, I noticed many of the buggies that once were clean cut, well kempt, and drug free are becoming just the opposite. Many are now playin with drugs and it shows in their appearance and behavior. The economical problems in sdq is a major cause of their desperation.

But it is a business and the above poster who said they are better organized than any union is right; they know who u r, where ur staying and how long u'r going to be there.

Many of the hotel personnel are in on the game as well. I had to tell one of the hotel desk clerks (at one of the more popular hotels in the conde) that if he ever gave out my name and room number I would make sure the hotel owner fired him. (Forget the manager, he gets a nice little cut).

The same applies to the casino workers, colmado folks, tour guides; they're all in on the game. It's only the unsuspecting tourists who learn perhaps a bit to late.

With all this being said, sdq is still one of the best spots to hang out. I love the dominican culture, people and overall lifestyle. When you keep ur wits about u and know what the game is, most of the nonsense becomes background noise.

Also, watch the alcohol! There have been more than several occassions when me and my partners have had to intercede on the behalf of a wasted brotha about to git rolled by a buggie. We're all adults but we got 2 watch each others backs.

Anonymous said...

excuse me, but what is do different about there than here?A different local does not change people, locals or visitors!I have had friends including myself, had the same scenerio played out in chicago, atlanta. etc. When the little head takes over the big head... well , all i can say is people are the same the world over.

Simbul said...

Great post and insightful. Like you I always kept it a business deal, but my best friend thought on our last visit just giving his boy some shirts he brought back would make the guy happy. My friend, Hispanic from Calexico, thought the buggarones would be happy and content with a few shirts, but I explained to him they wanted cash. They can buy the clothes off the blackmarket, but cash fed them immediately.

His boy was visibly upset and it took my "night companion" to calm him down and out of the room. Yeah, you guessed it. After that I had to school mi amigo on trade (whether US or Dominican). As much as we have traveled together, you would think he knows *sigh*

Simbul said...

I meant great post, Mr. Washington.

Anonymous said...

Above poster who asked what's so different- There's quite a difference; You're on vacation, so you're more open and relaxed. You're surrounded by beautiful men, smooth as silk and ten times as sexy against your skin telling you everything you want to hear. Your guard is down. You've seen men like this in videos and here is one holding you on the small of your back whisperin "papi"... Your guard is down and your dick is up. The Brugal has kicked in and the night never smelled so good. No one has to know. It ain't chicago, it ain't atlanta, it ain't new york. It's Santo Domingo.

That's the difference... so i've been told. :-)

jorge samuel said...

well everybody when comes back on line in about july,you can contact my men, who will not rip you off and you can have the best time of you trip drunk or not.

one problem is many people think thay can change the rules that have already been agreed apon.
this happens on both sides. you should always inform your "friend or Buggie" that if he is not up for the count he will not get the agreed amount.

stop falling for the sob stories thay tell amd let them know thay can be replaced in a second. but remember you can be replaced also.

many times the police are workimg with the same people you just paid.
it pays to find a good law firm that you can go to and get a business card with a lawyers name on lets the police know you will not be bullied and you wont have you friend held for fales investigation.

also remember if you are a black or brown african american and you think you are helping you brothers,you are dead wrong.thay dont see themself as black or of african desent. EVERYTHING FROM EUROPE AND WHITE IS RIGHT. in the minds of most dominicans.

i live here and write from many years sexperience. have fun and be safe.
jorge samuel

Anonymous said...

jorge- interesting observations and good advice. looking forward to your site launch.

Anonymous said...

You kids need to step up your game. It's very no play no pay!!! What give is what you get...Would you let some chile in DC, NYC ALT...wherever u r from, try to play U? You have to remember not where you ARE, but where you are from!! And own it!!

Anonymous said...

OOPS! I meant what you give is what you get...and, you should ALWAYS discuss the act and the dinero before you leave the bar, the conde, the malecon, the playa ect.....Step up yo' game brothas!!

Anonymous said...

I met the guy in the picture on my last trip to SD in August 05. He was a favorite of mine and the pipe was hard, large and he worked it very well. I have learned from experience, though, that these transactional encounters can go bad in a second no matter how nice the guy may appear to be or how good the prior encounter. I never fool myself or get disappointed in their behavior because the guys are after one thing...and it is not my winning smile and charming personality. Other guys I've met in SD were "bad" experiences for me but other visitors had better impressions of the same guy. One rule I have now: tell them up front before you leave the bar, sports bar, or conde, that no sex means no money. And stick to your guns.

Jose said...

Jorge Samuel.,
Keep us posted on when on is back online. From the few pics I've seen, I want to see and know more about the guys! Thanks.

jorge samuel said...

no problem. it will be better than the original. lots of new faces and original guys.
jorge samuel