Wednesday, February 22, 2006


For those who continue to seek alternatives to the club scene, there is so much to do in Santo Domingo. Again, the Colonial Zone has a plethora of historical sites. If you like bright lights and taking risks, the Malecon is the place for casinos and shows. Of course, I enjoy sitting on the Malecon and eating Bon ice cream as I listen to the waves lap ashore at night.

I can't say enough about the Conde, a pedestrian avenue that is the heart of the Colonial Zone. From shopping to dining to cruising, it all happens on the Conde! My favs are the open air cafe at the Mercure Comercial Hotel and Paco's Restaurant, on opposite ends of the Conde. Both have a variety of menu items, reasonable prices and nice service. If you like to chill and people-watch or if you like to cruise, trust me the experience is fierce at either.

1. Oldest fort in the Americas

2. the Malecon at night (pic by Otto Piron)

3. cruising Paco's (pic by jstheater)


dominican1 said...

I have to stop by paco's

John K said...

Great blog! Please do attribute the third photo to Jstheater (I snapped it this past August 2005) when you can.

Peace, J