Thursday, February 02, 2006

IF YOU GO DOWN...... the river, be sure to look for some familiar faces. Some of the guys who hang out at the clubs in the city don't necessarily LIVE in the city. I can't say enough about how refreshing it is to get away from the tourist trappings and experience a different side of Dominican life.

Some of you may remember Joel from the clubs or from Casa de Monaga. I first met Mauro when he was a dancer at JayDees. He is truly one of the nicest and most humble guys I've met in Santo Domingo. Alejandro was just one of those chance encounters.

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Anonymous said...

Where is the river?

T-D Moderator said...

There are rivers all over the island, of course. Ask your friends to take you on an excursion!

Simbul said...

Yeah, he is a nice guy. I will be back Feb 15 - 19th. If anyone is going during that time. Lets meet up for a drink! And love your blog, man.