Sunday, December 04, 2005


We've discussed hotels and resorts in various parts of the Dominican Republic, but have'nt mentioned very much about accomodations in the capitol city, Santo Domingo.

As in any major city, there is a variety of hotels and resorts. In Santo Domingo there are also apartments one can rent when staying a week or longer. Depending on your taste or your budget, you have choices in different price ranges.

Let's explore what's available in the five star range. First and foremost there is the brand-spanking new Hilton Santo Domingo and Malecon Center!!!!! With all of the amenities and services you would expect in a hotel of this caliber, you also have a first-class conference center and meeting rooms. Quite different for hotels in this area. Hilton is no doubt attempting to lure a different market to the island. That of the profitable convention type. Of course, Joe Blow will be treated like royalty and he will have shopping, dining and entertainment just outside the lobby doors. There is even a movie theatre in the complex. This is truly a unique place. Did I mention it is the largest hotel on the island, and possibly in the caribbean?

Also in the neighborhood (the malecon is on the waterfront) is the Jaragua, the Hotel Santo Domingo, the Intercontinental and the Melia Santo Domingo, which has been my favorite.
You may want to check the hotels policy on visitors, either they don't allow them or they access a fee for you to have them.

I have learned to stop paying for services I don't use. So, I pass up on the pools and exercise rooms in favor of using that money to enjoy a longer vacation. The Mercure on the Conde is affordable ($65 and up) and right in the center of the action. They have a wonderful breakfast buffet that you can eat while sitting on the patio (on the Conde). There is also the Venezia Hotel ($32 and up); walking distance to the Conde, close to a nice market and across from Cafe Villars, another noted restaurant with open-air dining. The Venezia allows guests and has great staff.

Of course, Monaga has apartments available, as does the Sports Bar. Options are plentiful. Monagas website also has recommendations on other hotels, etc. So, if you thought you couldn't travel to paradise because it would cost a fortune, think again. See you there!

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