Saturday, December 17, 2005


"If you got no money, you don't have to worry, people on the river are happy to give." Or so Tina Turner says in the song Proud Mary. She must have travelled to the Dominican Republic at some point.

The rivers of the D.R. are an integral part of rural Dominican life. They are used as a gathering place to socialize; fish; wash clothes, cars and selves.

Some areas even have pavillions for you to relax and have a meal or a drink. With the ever-present musica latina, of course.

The people on the river are truly happy people. They are friendly and accomodating, as long as you don't go looking like royalty and acting as such.

If you'd like a different experience the next time you're in the D.R., be sure to take an excursion to one of the many places where "a river runs through it". Hyacinth would love an afternoon on the river with light finger buffet and riparian entertainment. LOL

My friend Narciso lives in San Miguel, which has a couple of rivers that are frequented by the locals. These are some pics of one of our excursions.

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Anonymous said...

where did you take does pictures? I would love go go there next time i'm in the country.