Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tragedy in Orlando

The media is reporting that three Dominicans are among the 49 dead so far at the shooting in a gay nightclub in Orlando in the early hours of Sunday morning, 12 June 2016. The gay club was holding a Latin music night.

22-year old Juan Ramon Guerrero, originally from Nizao in the southwestern province of Peravia worked as a telemarketer and was a student at the Florida Central University. Guerrero is the grandson of the deputy mayor of Sabana Grande de Palenque in San Cristobal. He was at the disco with his partner Christopher (Drew) Leinonem, as reported in Listin Diario, quoting several online media sources. Leinonem was also killed in the massacre.

Another victim is 26-year old Oscar Aracena Montero, whose family lives in the Ozama area in Santo Domingo East is also on the list of the known victims, which includes another 16 people of Hispanic origin. Aracena's husband, 31-year old Venezuelan Simon Adrian Carrillo Fernandez, was also reported dead. Aracena Montero had been living in Orlando for 11 years and was a manager at a McDonald's fast food store.

News reports also mention 25-year old dancer Anthony Luis Laureano Disla, who was born abroad to Dominican parents, reports Listin Diario.

It is feared that the death toll will rise, given that 53 people are still being treated for their injuries, some in critical condition.

Omar Saddiqui Mateen, an American-born US citizen of Afghan descent, entered the club and spent three hours shooting people and holding 30 of them hostage. The hostages were released after the gunman was shot dead by the police.

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