Thursday, December 18, 2014

Obama Does It

Though his opposing political party will challenge him, President Obama has held true to his word of opening relations with the island nation of Cuba. Which ever side one is on socially or politically one thing has been certain, the embargo has done nothing but caused the citizens of Cuba to suffer. It has done nothing to drive out the Castro regime. Therefore I support this new initiative. Obama has been all about trying something different when its obvious the "good old boy" method (the current methods) have not succeeded.

"I was very insistent with him that we would continue to promote democracy and human rights and speak out forcefully on behalf of the freedom of the people of Cuba," Obama told ABC's World News Tonight in an interview conducted Wednesday.
Obama -- who announced Wednesday that the United States would seek to normalize relations with Cuba after more than 50 years of tensions -- said he and Castro delivered "lengthy" opening statements before having a dialogue during their Tuesday phone call.
"I think there's the possibility, by engaging, by making sure that the American people are able to travel to Cuba, that the Cuban people are able to see, firsthand, what American values are," Obama said. "That is going to spur change among the people of Cuba. And that's our main objective here."

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