Friday, October 10, 2014

A Thing Of The Past?

It displeases me that the Conde has lost its allure. As with so many cities, business follows the money into suburban areas. Then it cycles back into the city core as young professionals want to live closer to work and be centrally located. I suppose we must wait on that to happen in Santo Domingo since there is an obvious lack of motivation on the politicians behalf to be proactive with a real plan to invest in that area for the sake of the city, its history and its culture.

I suppose I am simply venting due to uncertainty of one of my favorite things. I enjoy sitting at Paco's with a limonada or limon froze and having the chicharron de pollo with papas fritas. The Dumbo's Restaurant variation is adequate, but the view and the buzz at Paco's is much better.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing else like Paco's!

Anonymous said...

Poco's is GROSS! Sorry.

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