Thursday, January 02, 2014

Coco Shortage

It appears that the people at FlavaWorks have some issues keeping the famed Cocodorm up and running. The Dorm, once the flagship of the company and the premiere site on the web for live shows featuring black & latin men, has had serious legal battles in recent years.

Though the courts ruled in the company's favor in those cases, it seems damage control has not been as favorable. There is often a lack of models at the Dorm or they rehire past models who may not be as popular anymore with viewers. Some models have even had extended stays, remaining in the Dorm for months at a time. Even then, the once revered scheduled shows and late-night activity have become lukewarm at best or non-existent.

The multi-million dollar company has appeared to shift its focus to earning even more money by charging for the product once included with a membership to the Dorm. They have a new site, a spin-off, that now features the scheduled shows for a separate fee. That site hasn't seemed to catch on with customers en mass, according to popular opinion.

Further frustrating customers, old & new alike, is the lack of updates at the Dorm. The "Streams" section, formerly updated daily, has not been updated for many months. The live cams that allow viewers to take a peek inside the daily (and nightly) happenings between models in the Dorm are often malfunctioning or "Down For Service" for days at a time. Speaking with anyone about concerns is futile. The phone number provided for customer service is never answered by personnel, a return call from management never happens. Some sites place information on their homepage so members or potential members may be aware of current issues, not so at the Dorm.

I hope FlavaWorks can pull themselves together and return the Dorm to it's former glory. At this time however, it appears as though the Dorm, once filled with hot gourmet Coco, is just a cold Swiss "miss."

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