Tuesday, July 09, 2013

AquaWorld Opens

Another new attraction added to the already popular Sambil Mall in Santo Domingo. I don't know whether this will effect tourist numbers at the National Aquarium, but it seems like a duplication of services.

Aquamundo at Santo Domingo's Sambil Mall opens to the general public on Wednesday, 10 July. The new aquarium features colorful and out of the ordinary fishes, turtles, eels, stingrays and sharks from seas and oceans all over the world. A US$4 million investment, it is said to include 1,500 species from all around the world. The center also has a collection of over 2,500 fish and marine creatures. The aquarium even has a sea tunnel with 15 live sharks.
Guides accompany the visitors and provide explanations about the fish, where they come from, and their particular characteristics. There is a tank with lionfish, one with live corals, and a touch area where children can pet the stingrays. The tour includes crossing through a submarine, where children can touch the controls.
Opening hours are 10am to 9pm and the cost is RD$500 for adults and RD$350 for children.
The aquarium was custom built by International Concept Management (ICM), which also built the Sambil archway tank with over 500 fish that has been on site since the opening of the mall in November 2012.

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