Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cultural Fair In Santo Domingo

The annual Santo Domingo International Book Fair is underway at Plaza de la Cultura. While books are the main focus, there is also an extensive all-day program of cultural events, complementing the book presentations and author readings. 

An estimated 700 foreign writers have been invited, including US film director and writer Shelton Jackson Lee, known as Spike Lee who will give a reading. Others include Argentinean writer Juan Gelman, (Cervantes Award 2007, Queen Sofia Award 2005), Spanish writer Jose Ovejero, (Alfaguara Award 2012), Colombian novelist Santiago Gamboa, Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez, Cuban novelist Leonardo Padura-Estelar, Argentinean novelist Cesar Aira, Uruguayan poet Alfredo Fressia, poets Mayra Santos Febres and Ana Maria Shua, Ecuadorian authors Cristobal Zapata, Francisco Herrera Arauz, Carlos Gustavo Rodriguez Jaramillo, Daniel Leonard Wild Stapel, Paola Sanchez Perugachi, Andrea Moreno Wray, Patricio Montaleza and Yonny Marcil Nazareno.?? 

The program also includes readings by outstanding Dominican writers Jose Miguel Soto Jimenez, Jorge Tena Reyes, Jaime de Jesus Dominguez, Hector Luis Martinez, Ilonka Nacidit Perdomo, Angela Hernandez, Jeannette Miller and Indira Sierra Suero.

This year the fair commemorates the Bicentennial of the Birth of Country Founder Juan Pablo Duarte, the Centennial of the Birth of National Poet Pedro Mir, the 50th anniversary of the presidency of Professor Juan Bosch in 1963, the 150th anniversary of the restoration of the Republic, and the 50th anniversary of the rebellion of Manolo Tavarez Justo. www.cultura.gob.do/Noticias/Articulo/tabid/78/smid/456/ArticleID/1434/reftab/70/Default.aspx

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