Friday, April 13, 2012

Jamaican Bamboo

The JamDown Production website is one of my favorite things. Click on the banner in the sidebar to see much more bamboo!


Anonymous said...

Too bad that Jamaica is too homophobic and dangerous for gay tourists.

John said...

I was waiting for someone to say this. How frustrating it is to drool over the "Jamaican Goodies", when the objects of our desires,---- many, many of them,---- would not think twice of killing "the filthy batty man", as gay men are commonly referred to in Jamaica?

TD moderator said...

Both of your comments have some truth to them. However, it is my understanding that most gay tourists don't venture into areas where there is danger of a homophobic incident.

Furthermore, the JamDown site is gay-friendly and actually uses some models who would identify as gay.

Finally, the world wide web offers us a look into the erotic side of nations and people without all the politics.