Tuesday, March 22, 2011


One anonymous reader commented on the recent San Juan post about the city being over-priced and drug infested. He suggested I avoid San Juan and I guess he'd rather I stick with vacationing in Santo Domingo. Everyone knows SDQ doesn't have a problem with illegal drugs whatsoever. LOL

The truth is this: most caribbean nations, as well as more developed nations, are having struggles combating drugs. The Dominican Republic is actually a hotbed of activity for drug traffickers, causing the country to depend on assistance from the US and others to help protect its borders and citizens.

Remember the headlines of Jamaica a short while ago? The law enforcement officials were at witsend while trying to track down and capture a drug kingpin who had unbelievable support in the inner city areas of Kingston. Gang members kept police at bay for weeks before the guy was captured.

Shall we visit beautiful Brazil? No drugs there, right? The Bahamas? Costa Rica? Grenada?

Suffice it to say I will not deter my travel plans because a few people have had a few problems in one place or another. I stand firm in the belief that one should exercise caution, common sense and discretion wherever they travel. If you invite trouble it will come.


George A. said...

I absolutely agree with you! Everybody needs to discover, or confirm others' opinions, about a place for himself. Besides, if you don't check it out for yourself, you'll never know what you may have missed. You're going to encounter good and bad people everywhere you go. But I am so thankful someone long ago put me in touch with Hebrews 13:2....."Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."

Anonymous said...

Well said! I rather enjoyed reading this as I put the finishing touches on my SDQ excursion... But just to say, the 'boyz' of PR are just so turned out that I did not enjoy my last visit there. I spent so much time 'being cautious' that it was difficult to just simply relax and have a good time. But ENJOY! And George, do you know Angel? Just kidding, great quote!

Anonymous said...

I saw Angel at Bar Friends in Santo Domingo.

Anonymous said...

My Angel lives in another part of the isla.... and DOES NOT (thank god!) go to Bar Friends! But I still do occasionally, for there are 'other' options... MUCHO!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly! You need to be careful wherever you go on vacation. And Santo Domingo is not the exception... Neither San Juan nor Santo Domingo are the carefree places they were 20/25 years ago!