Friday, November 19, 2010

Airport Transfer

I was furious! The flight had been delayed in Boston due to a horrible snow storm. I had originally scheduled myself to be in Santo Domingo a day ahead of my presentation so I could relax and familiarize myself with the new clothing factory we just completed there.

To add to my frustration the driver was 30 minutes late. When he finally pulled the limo to the curbside to greet me he had a sheepish grin on his face and was mumbling in spanish. I saw nothing in the situation that would cause him to be smiling unless he had lost his mind.

I gave him a look that would freeze tap water in Hell and told him to load my bag into the car. As he opened the door for me he said in broken english..."I so sorry I late, but you partner forgot his suit." And there was that grin again. During all the madness I had not thought about Jorge de la Cruz, the Dominican site manager that was to be my shadow during my brief visit. I bent to climb into the rear seat, preparing a simple greeting in my head for Senor Jorge, who I'm sure is the typical 50ish, overweight executive the company is known to have on staff. I lowered my head into the limo to deliver my prepared greeting...


Anonymous said...

He can give me a ride anytime!

Scott said...

oh I hope this is to be contiued, lol.