Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Calendar Men

Hello blog readers. It is once again time for the ritual of purchasing eye candy to hang on your wall to keep you company throughout the year. As you know, Paul Culver is a fabulous photographer who has done great work in the Dominican Republic and other locales. He has had work featured at Monaga and other internet sites.

Paul has released Latin Men 2011 at a bargain price of only US $14.95

There is another hot calendar, Dick of the Month, available for only $15.95

Please support these talented lensmen to show how much we appreciate their work!


Paul said...

Thanks Alan! I hope your readers like it. They can also get it from me on my website: www.culverphotography.com/calendar.html. Same price!

Anonymous said...

These men are not all that to me and I guess the lack of diversity is a big turn off