Friday, March 12, 2010

Steam Room Fantasy

I do not enjoy going to the gym. I only work out to keep this thirty-something body from falling apart. I try to eat a well-balanced diet and have cut back on sweets. This has helped, but it is not quite enough to ward off the effects of age and gravity, therefore I am at the gym 2-3 times each week.

Now remember, I detest the work out process. I do some cardio and a bit of weight training, nothing heavy. I could do these things at home, but I love the steam room at the gym. You can just sit there and almost feel the calories burning off while you sit back and relax.

I find it interesting to see the different types of people, and physiques, that come into the steam room. There is an unspoken code in these hetero places, so I simply nod if eye contact is made when one enters or exits.

I broke the code yesterday. There was this new guy I had seen on the treadmill who was gorgeous! I attempted to look at him several times without him noticing. I realized I was not getting much done other than checking him out, so I decided to adjourn to the steam room for awhile before heading home.

I must have been in there about 5 minutes when the door swung open and he sauntered in. WOW! He had shed those sweaty garments and was looking like a chiseled god. His golden complexion was breathtaking. He leaned against a wall rather than sitting on a bench. He closed his eyes for a moment and thats when I zoomed in to assess the goods.

He was absolute perfection. My eyes wandered from the chiseled face down to the sexy trail that disappeared beneath his briefs. Just as I cursed the gyms "no nudity in the steam room" policy I felt huge beads of sweat pouring from me. I had gotten flustered. But that's not all. I had gottened clocked too. He had opened his eyes and was looking right over into mine!

Lets's just say I wasn't the only one who had been checking someone out while on the treadmill.

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