Monday, August 24, 2009

Pleasure Cruising

I get many inquiries about cruising in the caribbean. No, not Carnival or Norwegian or Princess. I am refering to land crusing...for guys! I am hoping to get your comments so readers will know the best places to go to find a hot guy. It has been my observation that parks seem to be common ground regardless of where you are. Here is what I know, or have been told:

In Cuba the abandoned armory off of Goat Beach is quite cruisy, as is Jardines de la Polar.

In Santo Domingo the Conde itself is "cruise central," but Independence Park and Duarte Park (at opposite ends of El Conde) offer nice areas to sit and relax while you hunt. Paco's, across from Independence Park, is available for refreshment and many of the customers who loiter there are available as well.

Check the posturing on this soldier. He knows he is being cruised, yes?


Curio said...

I agree, Independence Park is a nice relaxing place to cruise.

Anonymous said...

All of Santo Domingo is good for

Anonymous said...

yea he's drawing your attention to his crotch in a sly way. that's a subtle way to let you know he can be had

TY said...

There are a few hot spots in Panama City, Panama also, one of the most popular being Government park.