Monday, July 20, 2009


I am always curious where people are traveling. Particularly the GLBT community. I came across a website that featured the Top Five gay-friendly destinations in the caribbean. They did not mention whether they had visited these places or had taken a poll, which I decided to do in the sidebar. I viewed a few more sites and discovered that Curacao and Puerto Rico are quite popular among the community. The following "Top Five" were compiled by, other info is at TripOut.

1. St. Barts
2. St. Martin/St. Maarten
3. Puerto Rico
4. US Virgin Islands
5. Curacao

UPDATE: This may be a great time to check out Costa Rica, not in the Top Five but definitely a contender. Click HERE to check unbelievable rates on airfare to Costa Rica. about US $235 from Miami, including taxes/fees

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Anonymous said...

Those must be the wealthy gays...