Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Memorial Day and Santo Domingo

Miami SSSizzle looks to heat things up for Memorial Day weekend. Make your plans now!!

The San Juan Brothaz event has had more trouble and cancelled this years activities. Check out to read more about both of these items.

dr1 reports: The city of Santo Domingo has rarely been promoted as a tourist destination and that needs to change, according to Victor Pizzaro. The expert on tourism matters was speaking at an event about the city's future, organized by the Santo Domingo Cluster and the National District Municipality. He said that Santo Domingo could not currently be considered a tourist destination because it lacks a "relevant promise" to tourists. During the event, which was sponsored by USAID and the Dominican Sustainable Tourism Alliance Project, Pizzaro said that a great deal of work needs to be done for Santo Domingo to become a viable tourist destination. He added that a lack of information on Santo Domingo also deters potential investors. "Only cities with proactive business people can be competitive," said Pizzaro.

Of course the gay travel circuit has been alive and well in Santo Domingo. Thanks to people like Monaga and Santo Domingo Direct. Be sure to support them when in the city for the Memorial Day weekend!

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