Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Services

Caribe Tours

The start of a Caribe Tours bus on the Santiago - Dajabon - Cap-Haitien route opens up the Citadelle Haitian monument as a new attraction for visitors to the Dominican Republic. The schedule, does not permit a one-day trip, however, as it is about a seven-hour bus ride. Thus, tourists going that way would have to plan on three days, including the two days for traveling by bus. But one can arrive one day, relax at a Cap-Haitien hotel, make the excursion the next day, and then take a 9am bus back to the DR. The Caribe Tours bus leaves from Santo Domingo and makes a short stopover in Santiago to take on additional passengers, and then another at the Dajabon border crossing before continuing on to Cap-Haitien, Haiti. The 6-7 hour trip costs US$40 one-way and US$75 RT when departing from Santo Domingo. You may also catch a bus from Puerto Plata to Santiago for the Haitian connection. The buses leave at 9am from Cap-Haitien and Santo Domingo, arriving at approximately 4-5pm. Reservation 24 hours in advance is required. Caribe Tours also offers a daily departure to Petionville, near Port-au-Prince. For information and reservations, call 809 221-4422 Ext. 2003-2023.

JetBlue's new Boston flight

JetBlue announces it will offer service this winter holiday season to Boston from Santo Domingo. This route is subject to government approval. The airline has also said it will add more flights on existing routes from New York to Puerto Plata, Santiago and Santo Domingo, again filling in for AA that is suffering from high fuel costs, older airplanes, and high labor costs. The once a day Boston "holiday shuttle" will test the market in December and January. The airline also has plans to bolster its frequent service between New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport and the Dominican Republic by adding a fourth daily departure to Santiago, a third daily departure to Santo Domingo, and a second daily departure to Puerto Plata over the holiday season.

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TY said...

THe new route sounds great and has been much needed. I think it is fare to let travelers know there is a fairly hefty exit tax that must be paid in US dollars when leaving Haiti. The buses are nice and safe, similar to Greyhound and they serve a meal better leaving SD than Haiti but a meal none the less. The border can be hectic, they check bags super thouroughly the old fashion way by hand. Be sure to watch every single peice of everything as they remove it from your bag. After having made the Pentionville to SD route more than a few times Ic an assure you they will take anything you miss. Do not change money at the border it is best to wait to get in the city and change money, it is also better to change pesos for goude. If at all possible do not change dollars for goudes.