Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I've been waiting for this news to be official. Construction seems to have moved slowly, but at last...
The Ministry of Public Works says the speedway to Samana from Santo Domingo will be open to the general public as of 1 June. The highway reduces the time to get to Samana to 1.5 hour. The highway starts about ten minutes from Santo Domingo or Las Americas International Airport.

So, if you've wanted to travel outside of SD for a day trip or convenient overnight stay, now Samana is another option. I'm looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

Great news! What an improvement over the 5 hour potholed drive we used to take.

And if you're in Samana, be sure to cross over to Las Terranas. It's a beautiful, unspoiled town with plenty of nice, inexpensive accomodations. Terrific restaurants in Pueblo de los Pescadores and the men in La Bodega are to die for.

Anonymous said...

For years I 've always wanted to go, but the 5 hour ride squashed any desire. I will now spend a few days there on my next trip. Thanks for the info. Do you know if Caribe Tours or any of the bus companies will go there?

Anonymous said...

Caribe tours has always gone there - both places. It's a great ride on cushy buses driven by insane operators - but quite a trip. Before this new highway, it went through San Francisco de Macoris, where you stopped for lunch.

If you are going to Las Terranas, the bus will let you off at Sanchez. There, you have a pick from dozens of motorcycle or cab drivers to take you over the spine to Las Terranas. And if you pick wisely, you'll have a friend for the rest of your visit and maybe beyond!

The trip over the spine is spectacular.

And Oh... the bus fare used to be about $6.50US. Can't be much more now.

Anonymous said...

You can also fly to Portillo on a regularly-scheduled five-seater out of Herrera. Three years ago, the fare was $60 one way. Same motorcyclists meet you at the airport.