Thursday, June 07, 2007


Some time ago there was a question posed on the Monaga blog. "Have you seen this man?"
Curious minds still want to know what ever became of the sexy entertainer. Perhaps our friends at FlavaWorks have the answer. Or perhaps YOU know if someone has him hold up in a private villa somewhere. Whereas we are unsure of the answer, one thing is for certain...the sheets at the Mercure Hotel never looked so good!

UPDATE: The friendly guys at FlavaWorks emailed me this models name and where he usually hangs out. Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

keep on bring these hot men more is never to much.

Anonymous said...

He's a queen that lives in Chicago that travels to the Dominican and work as a Boog.

T-D Moderator said...

Can we get a name? Does he dance in Chicago or hang out anywhere? Does he have email? You seem to know quite a bit. Help us out here!

Anonymous said...

Email us at and we will give you the details.