Tuesday, December 12, 2006


So many people ask about the D.R. experience, which causes me to reflect on my first time. Of course, things were very different then. The exchange rate of pesos/dollars was only 16 to 1, so bargains weren't as easy to come by. By the same token, the prices of services and goods have sky-rocketed so much now that bargains can still be scarce to the inexperienced traveler, even though the exchange rate is 33 to 1.

Also, the Dominican gay community seemed to be more prevalent in social circles years ago. Today the buggarones seem to dominate the scene, which makes it more difficult to have an encounter based on attraction alone rather than financial opportunity.

Considering all, the beauty of the island and of the people, along with its history and culture make the D.R. an awesome place to visit. I hope the following poem captures the excitement, fear and eventual pleasure of my first experience. (When the airport and infrastructure were much more third world)

It Was Then That I Loved You

As I awakened from a nap you were beneath me. I was not immediately impressed,
as I had seen others that resembled you.
As I entered your portal I thought of the countless others who had been there, those
sojourns who desired to escape within the respite of you.
As I penetrated your passageway I became aware of what my brief visit would
be like. I was now overcome with the anxiety and curiosity of knowing you.
As I exited your portal I could not contain the emotion that had welled up inside
me. There was an explosion that rocked my senses, a transcendent spiritual experience.
My eyes beheld your beauty, I inhaled your tropical allure and I surrendered to you.
As I made my trek into the fray of the countless others, I was a Johnny come Columbus in this "new world." The descendants of centuries-old inhabitants are more hospitable now.
And there in the frightening exchange of linguistics, in the maddening convergence at
my welcome, it was then that I loved you.

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