Friday, September 08, 2006


Gabriel has been one of my favorite pieces of eye candy for quite awhile. As Bahian Heat comes to a close I wanted to post another Brazilian. In this clip he's talking about his physique and his first tatoo. He can be seen in several installments of the Capoiera series by Black and Tan Video. He's quite talented!


Anonymous said...

Nice post. He is truly a handsome man. Seemingly from the inside, too !

Bahian Heat said...

Mr. Washington, you sure know how to pick them. We meet him at the Lagoas Sauna in Sao Paulo. I was surprised to find out that he is truly versatile. Word is that he also came to Salvador but never saw him there. More info to follow. Thanks again for helping promote Bahian Heat. It was an amazing 11 days with mostly positive brothers from around the country. Take care my brother.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Washington - Thanks to you I met a Friday Fantasy;Ramon. This time I was able to converse albeit very little because his English is about as good as my Spanish. However, I got much more than a firm handshake this time. My Fantasy became a Reality. It would not have been possible without you! Much Thanks and keep up the good work! - FH