Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I had a blast in Dallas this weekend. Met people from all over the U.S., no Dominicans that I know of.

I was recently refered to, and accepted by, bestgayblogs.net
Tropical Desires is in the sidebar under Great International Blogs. You should check them out.

dr1.com reports that the Sans Souci Port project just added a new development to the mix. The company in charge of developing the area recently purchased more land, meaning the project will be even larger in scope. The Sans Souci project will revitalize the current terminal (to be complete this October), build another terminal on the Sans Souci side of Ozama River including retail/shopping area, restaurants and housing.

This is expected to make the Sans Souci area a "mother port" for cruises where people fly into Santo Domingo to board ships. Of course, they anticipate more tourist dollars as most people spend a few days in these areas before cruising. They are targeting next September/October for completion of the second terminal.

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