Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Alot of people ask me "how are the people?" in the Dominican Republic. I have found through my travels that people, in general, are the same everywhere. There is no difference between most cultures. We all want to provide for our families, we want recreational time and many people want a means to express their creative side or talents.

The manner in which this is done may vary depending on resources, traditions and locale. However, those basic needs and desires remain the same.

The Dominican Republic has a growing number of textile factories and designer brands taking advantage of the cheap labor force, but agriculture and it's related industries continue to be the biggest source of employment. In the cities, of course, there are the usual middle class jobs in finance, media, education and others. Baseball players are a strong contender and I predict that the tourism industry will grow rapidly in the next couple of years.

The following pics are of Dominicans working in traditional roles.

1. Cigars are big business
2. Most agriculture jobs are now done by Haitians
(this Haitian is in the sugar cane fields)
3. Street vendors are a common scene

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Simbul said...

I check your posts daily, and feel we share the same feelings about the DR. I was last there the first week of February, and had a great time. I want to see the other towns, but my espanol is still fledging and don't want to get caught in the countryside handicapped. Oh well, maybe next visit. Peace