Saturday, October 29, 2005


When my friend and I were reminiscing, we thought about some of the old haunts and how nice they were. In terms of service and friendly clientele. Back in the day(about six years ago from my reference point) there didn't seem to be as many buggarones in the clubs. Or they weren't as aggressive maybe. Perhaps taking on the "speak when spoken to" approach. Whatever the case, we could spend time enjoying a night of clubbing( and each others company) as opposed to fighting off pests so frequently.

There also seemed to be a larger gay Dominican clientele in the various clubs. Which made for good opportunity to "hook up" with a cutie or just make arrangements to hangout while you were in town. Of course, you had to speak a bit of spanish, as most Dominicans then weren't speaking much english, if any. That's one change that has been welcome. "Spanglish" is commonplace now. LOL

Does anyone remember the Penthouse, with it's urban feel and latin house music? Oh, and the bathrooms were wicked. What about Disco Free, they sure had a strong lesbian presence. You don't see that anymore. It was a very nice club without having the snooty attitudes. Of course later you had the Red Zone, which was huge, and I loved Atlantis (when they first opened). They had the sexiest bar staff.

I didn't mention Bar Phoenix (Freddys) because I wouldn't step foot in there until some friends insisted on going a couple of years ago. I'm glad Leon remodeled it. I can't stand tight spaces. And if you enjoy the buggarones you will LOVE bar Phoenix. No pretentions. Cruising at it's most intense. Something for everybody. For a fee, of course. LOL


Anonymous said...

what is a buggarones?

T-D Moderator said...

A buggaron is a male hustler. Buggarones is plural, meaning more than one buggaron in spanish.